SF Digital Photo Lessons

Individual Lessons hourly sessions/pay per hour lessons based on student’s specific camera/picture taking needs Lesson Packages (3-4 lessons) including sessions on shooting, editing and presentation of digital images pay for entire package in advance come away with a photo book & individualized work-flow outline of the photo experience To inquire about photo lessons, rates &Continue reading “SF Digital Photo Lessons”

Finding available light food photography

These days, I enjoy cooking again in my kitchen niche’ at home. Mostly, I am preparing simple dishes like Korean Kimchee bowl, and what I call my ‘Mexican burrito bowl’ — more on the ingredients and recipe later. As I prepare the dishes in the early evening, the available light is good, so I grabContinue reading “Finding available light food photography”

People of Possibility Portraiture

This shot was taken of one of my former English students, back when I was teaching a group of Japanese women, who lived in the city, had children, and all formed a group called, ‘The Bambi Mother’s’ play group — at the JCCCNC. I created a full-service, teaching English learning group for them, with theContinue reading “People of Possibility Portraiture”