Cup of Noodle Freedom

Shimøspleef photozine_Cup of Noodle Freedom

In Tokyo, one may find themselves, at a cross roads of which way to go, this Harajuku hipster, may be asking himself, what’s the coolest boutique to ply his hand stitched wares, or where he needs to go to get to Uni, to learn the latest English colloquiums. Either way, he’s trying to advance himself on the path of life.

Such is the nature of freedom, that any of us, may be blessed with unlimited choices, it even makes it hard to choose sometimes. But on any given day, to have the chance to step outside and embrace, that internal flame of creativity and artistic liberty.   It’s quite a gift.

Hope my fellow bloggers, here, whom I have found to be quite creative, expressive, and open to chance.. all would find their inner voice, and that we may keep on reading cool posts.

Thanks ya,’all, namaste 🙏

These guys had the coolest hair cutting place in Shimokitazowa

Shinjuku is quite the arena of mass people and stadium-type lighting: great for night street Photograpy

__9_0010And the proverbial fashionable wonderers moving along Neko Dori ‘Cat Street’



Published by paulmansfield30

Photographer & Writer in San Francsico. Learning new things every day & making new friends, is what it's all about. Current tv show: Star Wars The Bad Batch. Current project: developing Japan Travel Photography books (chapters).

7 thoughts on “Cup of Noodle Freedom

  1. Namaste!
    It’s to amazing to see you artistically framing life on streets. 🙂
    Thanks for bringing Tokyo to us!

    1. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu! Ambika, quite encouraging are you words– and just wanna keep on bringing the photos and writing 😺 — 🎥

      1. Paul! Missed you so much! I was in a far off land with no connectivity! Just touched civilisation again! How have you been?

      2. Ambika.. me too! was wondering where your glob trotting and photographic adventures were taking you next… welcome back.. I’ve been good, just sooooo busy, with this move. My wife and I are finally moving into our first big place, once I have time, hoping to write some blogs and take some photographs.. looking forward to seeing you new adventures too 😉

      3. Sikkim! We were in Sikkim. I’ll spam you soon.
        Tell me more about this new place? How do you like it?
        Shifting can be such a rigorous task. Hope you guys settle soon.

      4. Awe.. wow.. ! Ambika, Sikkim, IS really remote. It looks like it’s next to Bhutan. I can only imagine, that the vistas and vibes there must put you above the clouds. 😉 I’m quite sure your photography and video reflects that, and must attract other hikers there. Moving is quite stressful, in deed. We just got in our new home, and love it! It has amazing feng shui, and I’m feeling those ‘educational vibes’ coming back me-self. I may just have to place my teacher’s hat and get out there again, and learn S’more.. ! 😉 Hope you get your hiking legs back, and, please share moe photos and vids with, us readers.

      5. This is such a soul double connection here! I have been looking for a home too! 🙂 I love the way you describe the home in vibes! Hope you guys are over the transition phase and relaxed. I would love to know more about it. 🙂
        For the photos, here, check this out, there’s a video on the page too:
        Hope you guys like it.

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