Media Internship on Taraval St.

The POPS internship ended today, with the final efforts of Raymond Thai and Dylan Essex who edited this documentary piece; about their learning experience. Great job! gents, I think the social media, photography & video skills you exhibited, during the training, will take you far.. 😎

2nd Intern Social Media Activity: learning to write blurbs for blogs


When Avengers Infinity War was released, the world was shocked. Now everyone awaits the next Marvel movies to see if they will release answers. Many shocking deaths and scenes were revealed in the movie as a cliff hanger. As we wait and look forward to  Avengers “End Game”. [written content example: using popular films]


The story of the MYEEP and POPS internship: recently, actually on May 23rd, my birthday, I was hired by the People of Parkside Sunset in San Francsico, to work as their administrative assistant. POPS is a local outer Sunset merchant association that performs many tasks that support local businesses and the district 4 supervisor’s office.

Chief amongst their purpose, is to administer an OEWD grant to the outer sunset events that are put on every year by local merchants. A big event coming up is the Movies at McCoppin, run by my friend and boss, Albert Chow. Every Friday in October, there is an outdoor movie at McCoppin park. This year, 4 movies will be featured: Hidden Figures, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman and Coco will be played for local SF residents.

Movie flier mock-design.jpg

[Mock Movie Event Poster: created by media interns]

So, one of the great things about POPS is that they paired up with MYEEP, a government organization, that helps place high school interns into worksites to get summer work experience, to place interns within the POPS organization.

At POPS, we needed some help building out our social media web presence, so we put our interns to work creating more and contemporary social media channels, and began looking at rebuilding the POPS web site.

We were successful at adding some more channels, and figuring out the best way to cover local events through photography, video and content writing. I’m proud of what the interns accomplished over the two months of the program, and I think our leader, Albert was also pleased with our progress, and could see how these young guys could breath new life into local businesses with their ability to use social media to bring people to the area.



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