Muji Film Notes

specs: Canon AE-1 w 50mm , FujiPress 800 ASA

The thing about travel photography, is it’s a freeing up kind of thing: one’s in a different land, everything’s fresh, even your perspective is keen. While in Tokyo, I would employ this ‘Noh Look Photography’ where you conceal your camera gear, and put on your traveler’s hat, and just experience Japan for awhile.

Walking around Shinjuku on this night, it was so packed, I could hardly move, let alone make a frame on something. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw this interesting couple walking along..

and it all happened so fast, you don’t have any time to set your camera up, you just have to pull-up and shoot. And hope you got the shot.

In this case, I had my camera settings set up for what I wanted. Now it would just be up the film labs at Yodabashi to develop it.  

photo taken in the Shinjuku District of Tokyo Japan

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Photographer & Writer in San Francsico. Learning new things every day & making new friends, is what it's all about. Current tv show: Star Wars The Bad Batch. Current project: developing Japan Travel Photography books (chapters).

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