Vintage Shopping: The Family Way

Paula Mak exploring at HOV in Portland

Beginning this year, my passion for Vintage clothing surfaced again. And life would have it that, we were traveling to places like Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington where my brother introduced us to a place called, House of Vintage.

‘Vintage Finds’

Portland has such an original flair for lifestyle, with that Pacific Northwest vibe running through it. Whatever kind of boutique shopping you entertain, you’re bound to discover a unique shopping experience in any neighborhood.

In Vancouver Washington too, House of Vintage, has another shop, but this one has many different ‘personalized’ booths, that feature individual Vintage sellers’ wears. What makes these booths interesting, is that they’re all very carefully curated, and show off the individuality of the proprietor and particular taste in their Vintage finds.

John has a nose for 60’s style button snap shirts
WWII B3 Bomber’s Jackets hanging from the rafters

For my end, in all of this, I had wanted to discover a WWII Bomber’s Jacket that might have looked like something I would’ve worn in high school. I found several, but they didn’t quite fit right, or they were a little stale, but just none of the ones I tried on, felt like they suited my style & comfort needs.

Even mom got into the act

My wife, Paula, suggested I go on line, and find a more contemporary version, that would have modern day sizes and fittings. She was right, because, the next time we came to Vancouver, we were shopping with my mom, and my mom also has a nose for deals, and while we were shopping for a green ruby for her at Kohl’s, I just happen to find the perfect modern facsimile of a WWII Bombers jacket that I was looking for.

The Levi G1 Bombers Jacket + Hoody hybrid: perfect choice for these modern times

So between, shopping with my brother, John, who has quite authentic tastes and knows his way around Portland Proper, and my mom in Vancouver Wash, and my wife, Paula’s sensible sensibilities, I was able to locate a leather jacket that made me feel like I was back in the driver seat, of my styles, and lifestyle moves. It was a family affair on both sides of the Columbia River, this Winter.

Just around the corner, does lay a vintage gem, staring back at us, waiting for
a home or neckline to be worn on

Vintage shopping does require patience and a sense of imagination, to procure that most unusual garment, or vinyl choice. It’s not for everyone, but if you have the curiosity and sense of adventure, it can lead to amazing fashion originality. And at the very least influence some of the style choices we make with current day garments.

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