MujiFilm Spring Journal

This passage could be called something like ‘a Chance Meeting with the Basque woman in South San Francisco’ — because in..

Early March, as I was practicing cinematography along 19th & Sloat ave. Those houses just had this beautiful old 1930’s architectural feel. They caught my eye, and as I shot movies of them, it put me in the mood of a being in another era. I ran into this lady, Nadine Goyhenetche, who was inquiring to what I was doing with this big clunky iPhone & army khaki fishing hat on.

As Nadine and I got to know each other, it was evident just how passionate she was about her Basque roots, and she is a regular attendee at the feasts that are put on at The Basque Cultural Center.

The conversation moved onto photography. She shared with me that she knew this rather well-known photographer, Michael Collopy, who has shot portraits of many fascinating people, including producing a book, entitled ‘Works of Love and Peace’ Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Missionaries of Charity’ – – which connects with one of Nadine’s passions, her Catholic faith and admiration of people who are helping the world.

I shared with her that my wife Paula Mak, is currently designing the curriculum for advanced English courses at Holy Name middle school. Nadine loved the idea of my wife being so closely involved with the education of students in the Sunset Area, and it re-affirmed her belief that life is full of gifts, and she wished to give me a gift on that day, by connecting me to the storied photographer, Michael Collopy.

Video spec: I was shooting with my iPhone XR handheld. I was using the Pro Cam 7 app – – which gives the photographer more manual controls versus the native camera on the iPhone.

Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus Smartphone Gimbal

The next time I begin shooting, I am going to tryout the new Hohem Gimbal that my wife and I picked up to give us a more professional tools for producing the YouTube video channel we’re both teaming up on.

Cinema Bit: the soundtrack music was used on the 1st movie clip

One thing I really liked about the Road to Perdition, by Sam Mendes, was that the emotional gravity of the characters, the father-son relationship was embedded in the action and the visual storytelling – – the story of the heist, of getting even with the mob boss who wronged the protagonist and his family, becomes an ‘on the road story’ about a father and son becoming to understand one another.

And when things have improved enough during the re-opening of our communities and businesses, here in the Bay Area, I’d really like to attend one of those Basque feasts at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco. There just might be a lot to celebrate, people coming back together, and learning about new cultures, and new horizons..

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