MujiFilm Summer Newsletter

Summer session 2020 Intro

With so many things going into a shelter in place mode, people staying home, and not going out to shop, or see movies, or do what they would normally do, I’ve taken to letter-writing as a way of reconnecting with others.

My friend recently responded in her letter by sending this card & saying that these are two of your favorite things: Travel & Photography. And since the Corona Virus has taken hold of our daily lives, I have taken to doing more writing about Japan Travel & Photography.

video narrative about a photographic technique to make the picture taking experience more interesting; something I was doing during the beginning of the Corona Virus Pandemic to pass the time. During the SIP or Shelter in Place mandate, to try and help mitigate the catastrophic effects of the virus, I was stepping back and taking the time to create more photo & learning assets, after the last POPS Seasonal Internship. [content piece]

What’s my next photography pop-up?/ turns out it was during several photo junkets in Japantown during the middle of September. I decided to go out and shoot in the dramatic atmospheres created by the North California forest fires. Also, I had been planning to visit Japantown to connect with the neighborhood, closest thing to being in Japan. Still designing creative assets in the home office: Popzeit: Nihon Machi edition photo mag, curating on online photo zine @popzeit, and outlining some of the beginning chapters for the Tokyo Metro Photography experience book. I shot both film & digital in Japantown this time: shooting with a Nikon F100 and the Nikon D3 and some with the iPhone XR.

content piece: Tokyo Metro book manuscript organizational process

Last Friday, on August 8th 2020, Kaufmann’s Camera hosted a KEH Buy Back event. People came from all over the Bay Area, to sell their used digital & film equipment. John Izumi was there from KEH, to give sellers both cash and store credit. KEH is a reputable used camera dealer on line, Kaufmann’s Camera is a throwback to the classic Camera shop. I had some old professional gear I had that I needed to sell. I chummed around with one of the sales associates there, who once I told him, I was from Oregon, he shared his excitement for track and field, and in particular, watching the famous long distance runner, Steve Prefontaine run back in the 1970s. The Kaufmann camera guy had some great stories about going to the track meets in Eugene, Oregon, at Hayward Field, and figuring out a way to photograph the races by strapping himself to a gold cart and ‘tracking’ Pre while he ran the track. After it was all said and done, I ended up getting some cash and store credit, which I immediately turned into a sturdy tripod with fluid head, for the video projects I’m beginning to shoot. 

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Photographer & Writer in San Francsico. Learning new things every day & making new friends, is what it's all about. Current tv show: Star Wars The Bad Batch. Current project: developing Japan Travel Photography books (chapters).

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