What’s in Yo Bag 🧳

Now that I have more time to write about Photography, Japan & Travel, I have taken to reproducing the learning atmosphere of writing, journaling and taking photos, here in San Francisco, or as I like to call it ‘being a tourist in my own back yard.’

well, this photograph was taken in the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival was in full-swing, and there was no need to wear masks or practice social distancing. But it’s a different time now, and now is a good time, during the the SIP (shelter in place) to go back through ones’ photos (digital or film), and pick out some of the more descriptive ones that tell the story of the region. (Maybe ask yourself what was life like back then, and moving forward, how do we want life to be..)

So I’ve packed my bags in a sense, and moved onto to what life will become, as it’s changing everywhere, in huge and small ways every day. For me, my work as a grant administrator for a local nonprofit has finished up. And my role in Film & Video has returned.

Kodak Polaroid National Geographic Credentials

Photography is something I began along time ago, after my mom gave me my first Polaroid camera at age 14, and I would spend hours following my cats around the back yard at our home in Southern Oregon, photographing them with the zeal and curiosity of a National Geo photographer.

Contax G1 Rangefinder camera

These days, my love for photography has stayed the same, but my choice in gear, has greatly evolved; or at least my camera collection has grown. People have always asked me, ‘what are you going to do with all those cameras?’. What’s in my bag, these days, is this Contax G1 35mm film camera.

Noe Valley Night Beat


 I often find myself walking around the neighborhood with my rangefinder camera, slung over my shoulder, like a 40’s war-time photographer, or a 30’s world traveler. It helps me to imagine a photo journalists’ scenario, or mindset. On the hunt for the story or photo, as it were.

Tokyo Metro Street Photographer
Shooting Kodak Gold 400 ASA in early morning light
From the Film Strip: Ilford FP4 loaded into Contax G1 quardrant

Whatever pastime you may find yourself doing, during this Pandemic, .. I figure there’s got to be a story in it. Enjoy & be safe ~

Harold Jenkins
1956 ‘Beat Photographer’ or you can call me Paul

Future Hope: Ansel Adam’s Mobile Acquisition

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