MujiFilm Fall Newsletter

It’s October and life in the city is starting to turn to the leaves of change. The weather is once again beautiful, with nature’s hints of leaves changing color, people are getting out a little more; albeit with what looks like proper mask-wearing and adherence to social distancing. There’s so many challenges today that we all face, and it seems more imperative than ever to find your own little niche of things that make you happy. For me that means turning towards the creative sphere; below are some creative assets that are currently under construction.

SF Neighborhood photo walk project: I shared this image via Instagram, and a fellow IG comrade, said she liked the shot because, it reminded her of when she used to live near Alamo Square. She recounted walking to grade school in the Western Edition and was quote, ‘lucky enough to hear the Jefferson Airplane rehearsing’. She would stop and listen and was delighted with the music and culture scene back then in San Francisco.

Video Editing Lab: During the Covid-19 Virus that hit last Spring, I would walk to nearby Taraval street and shoot these little 35mm film clinics and start to play-around creating little instructional videos; seen here at my Vimeo channel

In addition to creating DIY ‘how to videos’ and small business features, I have been sharing these little photo stories in these digital photo digests; that can be seen on Instagram @popzeit

And there’s a photo zine of Popzeit in the works; that will eventually be available at Etsy and at local San Francisco coffee shops. It will feature a bit of an artistic flair with getting your morning coffee.

The Perennial Tokyo Walker

And the big project, which is really my main life purpose right now, is to create stories for the Tokyo Metro book project. There have been a lot of adventures I’ve experienced in Tokyo over the years, and it’s time to tell them. One silver lining, during this Covid Virus period, has been being well-supported and having the time to put into this project to bring this vision quest to bare.

So, just looking ahead, November is around the corner, a major presidential election is happening as we speak, and as my wife, Paula, said, when we voted yesterday, ‘vote like your life depends on it.’ (Thanks Michelle!)

Published by paulmansfield30

Photographer & Writer in San Francsico. Learning new things every day & making new friends, is what it's all about. Current tv show: Star Wars The Bad Batch. Current project: developing Japan Travel Photography books (chapters).

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