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Japan Travel Photo Junkets: finding adventure in taking pictures in Tokyo

Getting into the world of photography, one of the coolest things, is to choose the gear to shoot the kinds of things you want to capture. And taking it a step further, there’s the artistic choice between shooting film or digital. If you’ve shot a lot of digital, or are just so used to shooting with your iPhone, experimenting with medium of 35mm film, can be a totally exciting direction to go.


I enjoy shooting all kinds of cameras, really any camera I can get my hands on. I’ve shot professionally before, and certainly, I love to shoot for arts sake, but one of my favorite things to do is to travel to places like Japan, and explore and take photographs there.

Japan was one of my boyhood places of wonder, and just has this ultra-modern feel mixed in with ancient Edo culture; like a place out of a Future Noir movie such as Blade Runner.  As a photographer, you just can’t go wrong by placing yourself in the middle of Tokyo, with camera in hand, and curiosity ablaze..

Whenever I travel to Japan, my gear bag consists of:
1.  35mm film SLR & lenses
2. Mirrorless travel camera
3. iPod with favorite playlists 
4. a few rolls of film (but only a few)
5. And once I’ve arrived in Tokyo, I purchase a MujiFilm Disposable Camera. 

The Analog Choice

Tokyo street photography in Akasaka: ‘discovering my inner Daido Moriyama’
crossing the street in Shibuya can feel like this double exposure shot
Tokyo Metro Milieu: what it’s like to be photographing in Japan
the good ol’ urban bbcue under the Chuo Expressway
Shooting in the fashion district of Omotesando at night
The joy of getting your film processed at Japan’s fotomats: 55 Station in Shimokitazowa
Chofu Onsen Muji Film camera weekend get-away

๐Ÿ˜ฝ sometimes, you just want to pack your weekend ‘Sunair flight’ bag, toss in a disposable camera and collect snaps along the way.

So certainly, when you wish to experiment with film photography and you’re traveling in Japan, shooting with a Muji 35mm disposable film camera can give you a fun and unpredictable photographic experience. ๐Ÿ—พ

*at the time this article was written, Muji USA & Muji Japan, no longer carried the Fuji Film disposable camera or ใ‚ซใƒกใƒฉ 

Back here in the states, an equivalent disposable camera would be the FujiFilm QuickSnap, that can be found at any Walgreens, or a photo retail shop like Photo Works San Francisco.

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