FujiFilm Winter Newsletter

Photography & Writing With February almost here, the nearby Outer Sunset Farmers Market, has yielded lots of fruits, vegetables, artisan foods, local fashion outlets, great coffee & plenty of community to go around. (it really takes the sting out of imPeach-ment, as the government gets the Covid 19 response right, and economic promise must beContinue reading “FujiFilm Winter Newsletter”

Japantown Trip | Exploring San Francisco Neighborhoods

At the end of of the year, we took a little intercity trip to Japantown, to pick-up some Japanese groceries: Kenkyo Mayo, ramen-making supplies, and Boss Coffee, amongst our favorite things. It’s the best we could do right now during the Pandemic, to pretend we’re on a trip to somewhere interesting.  a bit of aContinue reading “Japantown Trip | Exploring San Francisco Neighborhoods”