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With February almost here, the nearby Outer Sunset Farmers Market, has yielded lots of fruits, vegetables, artisan foods, local fashion outlets, great coffee & plenty of community to go around. (it really takes the sting out of imPeach-ment, as the government gets the Covid 19 response right, and economic promise must be around the corner 🍑)

So I like to choose that one little thing, I do every day to keep things interesting, and that is to drive around the city on my scooter, with an action photo pack on my back (loaded with all of the photographic and stationary tools I need to tell stories)

My goal has been to stay connected to these vital and unique San Francisco business corridors, who have all been drastically affected by the Pandemic fall-out, and insert myself into each neighborhood as a content producer, but mostly a kind of tourist in my own back-yard. I sought to go shopping, eat the local fair, drop some cash, reach out to the locals, be supportive and try and keep hope alive.. with the belief that one day we’ll all thrive again.

Below are the main channels for creating media both digital and print. It’s always good to be able to add some art and stories to the cultural fabric of our town. Hopefully these are fun little bits about San Francisco life that are reminders that life can be normal again.

Mansfield Photography channels

Mission photo junket blog article: is all about going out into San Francisco, during this Covid-19 Pandemic and reconnecting with different neighborhoods. Next blog article featuring a neighborhood adventure from the Mission district [which usually includes my interests of people, local food, photography, fashion & now fabric]

Photography Pop-Ups photo zine: Part of the fun of being a photographer is the ‘gearing up’ process- choosing the camera, lenses, accessories, or even film stock is the careful consideration of any photographer to figure out what they’ll need to pull off the kind of shots they wish to achieve. These weekly web photo zines explore camera & lenses choices as well as film types that go into the photographer’s bag each week both in print photo zines and online @popzeit

Albert Chow, owner of the Great Wall Hardware

Parkside Merchant Portrait Series: Being part of the Parkside Neighborhood and serving as the Assistant Administrator for the POPS Small Merchants association and assisting in stewarding the Mini Grant that helped fund a great many events in the neighborhood, brought me in close contact with some amazingly devoted leaders to the cause. While I served, I took some specialty 35mm & 120mm film photographic portraits so that I could highlight the excellence in these leaders I experienced first hand. This portrait series, hopefully, will show the best of the neighborhood and give my future media students a look into photo journalism in action.

Tokyo Metro Photo Articles: writing articles from Tokyo Photo Junkets, travel notebooks & photos to tell the story of my adventures over in Japan and to bring them into the present, how these fashion pieces will connect to the development of the Etsy Vintage Photography on line boutique-going forward. These articles will be compiled into a book to be published, to sell at the online shop, locally at bookstores and abroad, hopefully in shops like Kinokuniya, Japan.

Parkside Neighborhood Fashion magazine: Taking this last year, since the government lockdown from Covid, in March 2020, to setback and create a neighborhood lifestyle magazine, about the bright spots in the neighborhood, and using In Design to learn desktop publishing skills to design a print magazine. The editorial is based on the neighborhood shops, restaurants, music scene, fashion & fun things to do in the community. I wish it to make the neighborhood look like an attractive fun place to life and go and visit. This is the Parkside Neighborhood and here’s what you’ll find..

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Photographer & Writer in San Francsico. Learning new things every day & making new friends, is what it's all about. Current tv show: Star Wars The Bad Batch. Current project: developing Japan Travel Photography books (chapters).

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