Fujifilm X100V mirrorless camera

A friend who we call ‘Scary Monster’, although she’s not scary really, asked me to recommend a good camera for her son, who’s birthday it is. She said her son is someone who’s become really good at iPhone photography, and wishes to get a next level camera. He wishes to get into photography more andContinue reading “Fujifilm X100V mirrorless camera”

Fujifilm Pro 400H 35mm film

Fujifilm Pro 400H: ‘beautiful, cool tones & lush‘ So, now that the things are moving towards normality, people are getting vaccinated, still wearing masks, but the current trend is getting people back out there. I notice in the Sunset District of San Francisco, where I live, people are moving about like before the Pandemic. I’veContinue reading “Fujifilm Pro 400H 35mm film”