Nikon FG: ‘a thing of beauty’

In the case of discovering the Nikon FG, as an all around simple and beautiful camera to use to shoot film photography, I was fortunate enough to receive my high school yearbook teacher Phyllis Nielson’s original FG in May.

When she had heard that I was starting my own Vintage Camera boutique, she asked me if I could use her Nikon FG 35mm film SLR, and that it was in need of a home.

And after shooting around my neighborhood with the Nikon FG, I could swiftly see, that this might just be the perfect 35mm camera to feature at my Verve Film Arts photo booth this summer. This camera is good for someone wanting to get into shooting with 35mm film. There’s such beauty and mystery that ends up on each roll of celluloid, something you can hold in your hands and something not seen in the 0s & 1s of digital capture.

Camera Features | things that shooting with the Nikon FG will give you

Great Variety of lenses

The Nikon FG has Nikon’s F-Mount, allowing the camera user all of the Nikon lenses created since 1977. That gives the shooter such a variety of focal lengths and lens types to shoot with.

Form Factor

The camera feels so comfortable when you pick it up. The ergonomics of the FG are perfectly fit to easy gripping and shooting. The camera is small, portable and light weight. Really, like shooting with some of today’s most compact Micro 4/3rds cameras, like the Sony alpha a7 iii.

Improvement in Function

When it comes to the classic Nikon film series, from the F, F2 to the FG, the FG camera design has paired itself down into having only the essentials. The user can shoot this mechanical camera in Manual, Program and Aperture-priority auto-exposure modes.

Easy to use Metering System

The FG has an excellent metering system. The user can meter through the lens, and easily see the suggested settings and execute the shot.

Accurate Exposure Controls

The metering system of the FG has both Aperture-priority and Program modes which gives the user great control over exposure. I found shooting in auto-exposure mode quite accurate for daylight shooting. (see photos below)

Best Amateur Camera

The FG is one considered one of the best amateur cameras on the vintage market. For the price point, you get a well-designed and light-weight camera that has manual and auto exposure controls, and is easy to throw into a day bag and take with you.

(check out the Casual Photophile FG review for a more in-depth performance review)

Verve Film Arts Camera Boutique

Going on this Summer

 Verve Film Arts will be setting up a weekly photo-pop up to share our classic cameras, photo zines, photographs, film and bags at the Sunset Community Mercantile. We wish to add a  vendor space with a focus on ‘shopping local’ and things ‘Made in San Francisco.’  Vintage style ‘artisan spirit’ will be a big part of the vibe. As well as having a great time with the other vendors and artisans present that day.

Taco Tuesdays at Molecaxtil

Walking in Love SF & Gilbert Daniel Rodriguez adding some smooth sounds

Molcaxitl serving up Mole Tacos that are simply delicious!

Sunset Mercantile Music, lead by Kevin North, always books local & varied music acts from around the San Francsico Bay Area.

Dream Vintage has a great supply of cool Summer vintage clothing

Letter to my High School Yearbook teacher

Hi Phyllis, your Nikon FG camera arrived yesterday. And man, it’s in such great shape! It looks just like you left it before digital arrived. I’ve gone ahead and replaced the batteries, and got some Ilford black and white film, to take it for a text spin. Next time, I’ll shoot some Fuji Color film too. Again, thank you, it’s found a good home.

35mm film developed by Underdog Film Lab and picked up at Glass Key Photo the San Francisco drop off point.

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