archival hard drives_ Tokyo Photo Adventures, & crafting them into mini Tokyo Metro Style guides — *that could ultimately be made into a section of a magazine, catalogue or other type book, magazine or web site

these days, I’m doing the whole SIP thing, and being creative at home.

Paul Mansfield

Paul is a photographer & writer who drives a scooter. He loves things like cinema, espresso, mixing home cocktails, and meeting interesting people.





Video Editing

Web Design

Past Experiences

Paul Mansfield Photographic
(2013 – 2020)
As a photographer, I work with other photographers in the field of commercial, food, travel and wedding photography to deliver a fine product and photographic experience that the clients are happy with. Collaboration and excellence are the the values we share in getting the job done. Photo Education is also a big part of what I do to. It’s very satisfying to pass on what I’ve learned to other students who wish to be professional photographers and writers, or also the amateur photographers who just love to practice the art form.

POPS Merchants Association
(2018 – 2020)
Provided the POPS Merchant Association with grant writing, program administration, executive support, education coordination and content creation.

Popzeit Arts & Edu.
(2018 – 2020)
Acted as content creator, writing consultant, small business liaison & media instructor at Popzeit Arts & Edu.

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