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My History

The actor Martin Freeman says, ‘“People see me walking around town and I look a certain way. I don’t expect other people to be into it. If everyone became a mod, I would probably become a rocker. Because that’s the mod thing to do. We know Martin Freeman, from playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, and for being Dr. John Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes. I can appreciate his Mod style ethos, and it’s kind of played out for me, in many places, since high school to being a ‘beat’ photographer in Tokyo, Japan. Artistically, it’s been all about bringing that style attitude to the milieu, and being open to connection with other like-minded folks, of any culture or background. It’s just that I found that I had a particular affinity for covering Tokyo hipsters in the streets of Harajuku or the fascinistas along Neko Dori. In fact, it kept bringing me back to the environs of Tokyo, and other parts of Japan, many many times, to explore all the nooks & crannies of that kind of thing.

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