Nikon FG: ‘a thing of beauty’

In the case of discovering the Nikon FG, as an all around simple and beautiful camera to use to shoot film photography, I was fortunate enough to receive my high school yearbook teacher Phyllis Nielson’s original FG in May. When she had heard that I was starting my own Vintage Camera boutique, she asked meContinue reading “Nikon FG: ‘a thing of beauty’”

Traveling the Inner Sunset

Photo pop-up in Cole Valley | one of many San Francisco neighborhoods worth exploration During these weekly photo romps, it’s been about exploring the neighborhood, and imagining you’re on a trip to Paris, Milan, the Andes, where ever, and gearing yourself up with a well-designed camera bag. Whatever you decide to put into it, is upContinue reading “Traveling the Inner Sunset”

Fujifilm X100V mirrorless camera

A friend who we call ‘Scary Monster’, although she’s not scary really, asked me to recommend a good camera for her son, who’s birthday it is. She said her son is someone who’s become really good at iPhone photography, and wishes to get a next level camera. He wishes to get into photography more andContinue reading “Fujifilm X100V mirrorless camera”

Fujifilm Pro 400H 35mm film

Fujifilm Pro 400H: ‘beautiful, cool tones & lush‘ So, now that the things are moving towards normality, people are getting vaccinated, still wearing masks, but the current trend is getting people back out there. I notice in the Sunset District of San Francisco, where I live, people are moving about like before the Pandemic. I’veContinue reading “Fujifilm Pro 400H 35mm film”

FujiFilm Winter Newsletter

Photography & Writing With February almost here, the nearby Outer Sunset Farmers Market, has yielded lots of fruits, vegetables, artisan foods, local fashion outlets, great coffee & plenty of community to go around. (it really takes the sting out of imPeach-ment, as the government gets the Covid 19 response right, and economic promise must beContinue reading “FujiFilm Winter Newsletter”

Japantown Trip | Exploring San Francisco Neighborhoods

At the end of of the year, we took a little intercity trip to Japantown, to pick-up some Japanese groceries: Kenkyo Mayo, ramen-making supplies, and Boss Coffee, amongst our favorite things. It’s the best we could do right now during the Pandemic, to pretend we’re on a trip to somewhere interesting.  a bit of aContinue reading “Japantown Trip | Exploring San Francisco Neighborhoods”

From the Film Strip feature 🎞️

Getting into the world of photography, one of the coolest things, is to choose the gear to shoot the kinds of things you want to capture. And taking it a step further, there’s the artistic choice between shooting film or digital. If you’ve shot a lot of digital, or are just so used to shootingContinue reading “From the Film Strip feature 🎞️”

MujiFilm Fall Newsletter

It’s October and life in the city is starting to turn to the leaves of change. The weather is once again beautiful, with nature’s hints of leaves changing color, people are getting out a little more; albeit with what looks like proper mask-wearing and adherence to social distancing. There’s so many challenges today that weContinue reading “MujiFilm Fall Newsletter”