FujiFilm Winter Newsletter

Photography & Writing With February almost here, the nearby Outer Sunset Farmers Market, has yielded lots of fruits, vegetables, artisan foods, local fashion outlets, great coffee & plenty of community to go around. (it really takes the sting out of imPeach-ment, as the government gets the Covid 19 response right, and economic promise must beContinue reading “FujiFilm Winter Newsletter”

Japantown Trip | Exploring San Francisco Neighborhoods

At the end of of the year, we took a little intercity trip to Japantown, to pick-up some Japanese groceries: Kenkyo Mayo, ramen-making supplies, and Boss Coffee, amongst our favorite things. It’s the best we could do right now during the Pandemic, to pretend we’re on a trip to somewhere interesting.  a bit of aContinue reading “Japantown Trip | Exploring San Francisco Neighborhoods”

From the Film Strip feature 🎞️

Getting into the world of photography, one of the coolest things, is to choose the gear to shoot the kinds of things you want to capture. And taking it a step further, there’s the artistic choice between shooting film or digital. If you’ve shot a lot of digital, or are just so used to shootingContinue reading “From the Film Strip feature 🎞️”

MujiFilm Fall Newsletter

It’s October and life in the city is starting to turn to the leaves of change. The weather is once again beautiful, with nature’s hints of leaves changing color, people are getting out a little more; albeit with what looks like proper mask-wearing and adherence to social distancing. There’s so many challenges today that weContinue reading “MujiFilm Fall Newsletter”

‘Sepia Bird Takes Flight’

Photography Pop-up Story: During the month of September, the wild fires along this whole West Coast of the United States, have been hitting us pretty hard. It even hit close to home, when recently, my dad was forced to evacuate his home in Medford, Oregon, where the Almeda fires have been burning uncontrollably. Fortunately, he’sContinue reading “‘Sepia Bird Takes Flight’”

From the Film Strip 🎞️

Today, while trucking down the road to try to find the other mask handing out groups, I stepped into my friend’s business, The Great Wall Hardware. There was a PPE station, blocking the door, the guys up front motioned me to come in, and join the customer fray.  These two guys, who man Albert’s store,Continue reading “From the Film Strip 🎞️”

MujiFilm Summer Newsletter

Summer session 2020 Intro With so many things going into a shelter in place mode, people staying home, and not going out to shop, or see movies, or do what they would normally do, I’ve taken to letter-writing as a way of reconnecting with others. My friend recently responded in her letter by sending thisContinue reading “MujiFilm Summer Newsletter”

Nikon F2’s maiden voyage

While shopping with my wife, in the neighborhood, I met this lovely woman, Mercedes. Turns out she’s originally from Nicaragua and has been living in the states since she was 18. She so appreciates this country and what it has done for her. She says she never would’ve had the opportunities like owning her ownContinue reading “Nikon F2’s maiden voyage”