Best Photo Locations

Best Mansfield Photo Locations

The Best Mansfield Photography Locations (including Joe Pool Lake) with an Interactive Map and Example Images!

Best Mansfield Photo Locations
Best Mansfield Photo Locations

Photography in Mansfield, TX

Britton Park

Best Time: Sunrise and Sunset.

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

A wonderful place for sunrise photos. Also, it is a beautiful place for reflection photos at sunset. Never crowded. When the water is low, you can easily walk from the boat ramp east and then north along the lake to capture terrific sunrise photos. You will also find an abundance of Spring flowers (April usually best). The video here contains images from Britton Park, Lynn Creel Marina, and my Hidden Pond!

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First Light On Bowman Branch
First Light on Bowman Branch

Bowman Branch

Best Time: Sunrise

Uses: Landscape Photography

This is a hidden gem. The sun rises perfectly in this area in the spring to reveal some beautiful landscape shots. Parking is bad, there are only a couple of legal spots to park nearby, but this area has produced one of my top photos. 

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Boats At Lynn Creek Marina
Boats at Lynn Creek Marina

Lynn Creek Marina

Best Time: Sunrise to 3 hours later. 

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

The Lynn Creek Marina is right next to Lynn Creek Park and is a favorite for landscape photography. It has a ton of wildlife (moreso in Spring) from ducks to egrets to coots and other birds. This is a wonderful place for sunrise photos. Once the sun rises, the birds become much more active in the air, so get your shutter speed ready to go! Lynn Creek Park is also home to Grand Prairie Lights around Christmas!

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Sunset At Cedar Hill State Park
Sunset at Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill State Park

Best Time: Sunset

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

Cedar Hill State Park is one of my favorite parks near me for landscape photography. It is a particularly good place for sunsets as the lake shore to the west is a great distance away, but not too far away, to make the sun look massive as it sets. There is an old farm called Penn Farm that is interesting to visit. Parking is easy, as you can park a stone’s throw away from the lake shore. This is also a nice spot for Portrait Photography & Photoshoots.

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Walnut Creek, Mansfield, Tx
Walnut Creek, Mansfield, TX

Walnut Creek

Best Time: Sunrise

Uses: Landscape Photography

Walnut Creek is a fairly long creek that feeds Joe Pool Lake. This particular spot is located on the Mansfield Linear Trail. There are a couple of parking spots close to this location on Fox Hollow Drive. It has some nice creek features, and this spot has an absolutely beautiful bend in the creek that highlights the trees with the morning sunrise. 

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Hidden Pond, Mansfield, Tx
Hidden Pond, Mansfield, TX

Hidden Pond

Best Time: Spring, right after sunrise.

Uses: Landscape Photography

This is one of the best Mansfield Photo locations for Landscapes, but seasonally. It is a pond/marsh area that can dry up depending on rain. It isn’t even marked on the map as a water area. Ducks, Great Egrets, and other birds love this area. Look to capture a shot with a frog in an Egret’s mouth. This also is a fabulous area to find water reflections of trees and clouds. Morning time, 15-30 minutes after sunrise is the time to be shooting photos. Sunset not so good. Parking is not great, you’ll need to park farther away where it is safe and walk to this location… but worth it!

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Mural, Downtown Mansfield, Tx
Mural, Downtown Mansfield, TX

Best Mansfield Photo Location for Portraits: Downtown Mansfield

Best Time: Sunrise / Sunset

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

We have a beautiful downtown in Mansfield, but it is difficult to get those golden hour photos due to the direction of the street relative to the sun, and then stop lights and trees hiding the best features of some of the buildings. HOWEVER, this is a particularly good to excellent spot for Portraits and Photoshoots. You can find many different textures and colors for background, as well as some unique features. 

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Boardwalk In Mansfield, Tx
Oliver Nature Park, Boardwalk in Mansfield, TX

Great Mansfield Photo Location for Portraits: Oliver Nature Park

Best Time: from 2 hours before sunset to sunset.

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

The Elmer W Oliver Nature Park has some nice spots for taking pictures of flowers in the spring, landscape shots any time of year, and is (subjectively) the best spot in Mansfield for Portraits and Photoshoots. If you are looking to do a photoshoot and live in the Mansfield area, this location should be on the top of your list. 

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Best Mansfield & Joe Pool Lake Photography Locations : Interactive Map

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