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Other Great DFW Photo Locations

The Best Other DFW Photo Locations Outside Dallas and Tarrant County with an Interactive Map and Example Images!

Other Dfw Photo Locations
Other DFW Photo Locations
Sunset At Lake Mineral Wells
Sunset at Lake Mineral Wells

Lake Mineral Wells

Best Time: Morning and Golden Hour, and during the day for some areas

Uses: Landscape Photography, Weddings, Portraits​​​​​​​

Lake Mineral Wells is a gorgeous lake with small hills and rock outcroppings. It even has an area that attracts many local rock climbers. If you are looking for a great Texas Landscape Photo, this is a great place to visit. 

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Cascade At Stone Creek Park
Cascade at Stone Creek Park

Stone Creek Park

Best Time: Day

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

As the name would indicate, Stone Creek Park has a lot of stones in the creek with big rock features. The creek itself is heavily wooded, so during the day it seems to work best to catch some rays of light. When you cross the bridge, go right on the paved path. You can’t miss this area,, it is perhaps 1/8 mile walk from the bridge. This is also a good spot for photoshoots.

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Texas Bluebonnets, Ennis, Tx
Texas Bluebonnets, Ennis, TX

Texas Bluebonnets – Ennis 

Best Time: Spring (April usually best) after sunrise

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

In the Spring, Texas comes alive with wildflowers, and April is usually the best month for Bluebonnets. The Ennis Meadow Nature Area is only open seasonally, so check before visiting. During Texas Bluebonnet season, this place is packed on weekends. Your best bet is to visit right after sunrise during the week. And if looking for a great family portrait, you can’t miss here.

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Clark Gardens
Clark Gardens

Clark Gardens

Best Time: Seasonal (Spring)

Uses: Landscape Photography, Weddings, Portraits

Clark Gardens is located in Weatherford, TX, but it is actually closer to Mineral Wells. For such a rural area, the size of the gardens is impressive. It is only open seasonally in Spring and Fall. Your best bet is to go in April when the weather is cooler, and the spring flowers are out in force. Great for landscape & portrait photography. It is also used as a wedding venue year ’round, inquire with Clark Gardens.

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Chandor Gardens
Chandor Gardens

Chandor Gardens

Best Time: Year-round, when open

Uses: Landscape Photography, Weddings, Portraits

Chandor Gardens are simply amazing, and only 30 minutes from Fort Worth. There is a long history to this place, which is now owned and operated by the city of Weatherford. They are doing an amazing job with the upkeep, and the entry cost is inexpensive. For whatever you seek in photography, this is the place. Please check on fees for professional photography. Great location for weddings. 

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Clark Gardens, Chandor Gardens, Fort Worth and Dallas Botanic

The Botanic Garden Video

This video contains images from Clark Gardens, Chandor Gardens, Dallas Arboretum and Botanic Garden, and Fort Woth Botanic Garden.


Bella Donna Chapel At Adriatica Village
Bella Donna Chapel at Adriatica Village

Adriatica Village

Best Time: Sunrise and after, 2 hours before sunset and until sunset

Uses: Landscape Photography, Weddings, Portraits

Adriatica Village is an incredibly unique housing area. You’d think you just went to Europe. It is an excellent spot for Portraits / Photoshoots, and there is enough interesting architecture to take stand-alone photos. The Bella Donna Chapel is of particular interest and can be rented for weddings. 

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Mandalay Canal
Mandalay Canal

Mandalay Canal

Best Time: Sunrise, Day, Sunset

Uses: Landscape Photography, Weddings, Portraits

There are two areas to visit: The Mandalay Canal and Lake Carolyn. The Canal is a beautiful, old world style canal. It is geared towards business, great for architectural photos, and in particular photoshoots and weddings. Lake Carolyn is a very charming housing area, complete with high rises, restaurants, and shops, all set along the lake. Very peaceful and serene. Great for photography. Please check: you may need a permit for a photoshoot.

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The Harbor, Rockwall, Tx
The Harbor, Rockwall, TX

The Harbor Rockwall

Best Time: morning and evening. 

Uses: Landscape Photography, Portraits

The Harbor Rockwall is a neat little shopping area / housing area on the lake. It has a big water fountain, a small lighthouse, and nice walks. Great for landscape photography, especially if you can catch the lighthouse with a beautiful sunset. Good spot too for portrait photography. You’ll need to be there in the morning hours if you want the lighthouse lit by the sun. 

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