Photography Tutoring 2014

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Here in this sequence, Paula Mak, discovers how to use the exposure controls on her Apple iPhone. Once she saw that she could get a clearer picture and control exposure for better lighting in her shots, she became quite excited with the results.

They say, the best camera is the one you most take with you, and the photographer wants to be ready to grab that special moment, when the light is just right, all the compositional elements are coming together for you..

Today’s smart phones like the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Android, for example, are becoming quite responsive and sometimes have the exposure sophistication of today’s basic DSLR and mirror less cameras.

We all want to take better pictures, with whatever camera you prefer. I love taking pictures, and I make my living doing it.  I feel quite lucky, to love my job, an to teach other’s how to use their digital cameras. Below, is some information about my private photography lessons. I would like to get to know you and customize the lesson to suit your needs and time requirements.

SF Photo Digital Photography Lessons

Individual Lessons
hourly sessions/pay per hour
lessons based on student’s specific camera/picture taking needs
Lesson Packages (3-4 lessons)
including sessions on shooting, editing and presentation
of digital images
pay for entire package in advance
come away with a photo book & individualized work-flow outline of the photo experience
To inquire about photo lessons, rates & scheduling
Please contact Paul Mansfield at

Thank you –

Paul Mansfield

* coming soon, a Tokyo Photograph Exhibition: featuring the 35mm film street photography of Paul Mansfield

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