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It isn’t enough to simply take photographs in today’s world. Strong processing skills are required.

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Image Processing

Professional photo processing is one of the most under-rated aspects of photography. Consequently, it isn’t enough to simply take photographs. In today’s world, it is necessary to have strong skills in processing to enhance and make a photo pop. My tools for processing are Adobe RAW, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

If an image is under-exposed, the dark areas will forever be dark, Conversely, if an image is over-exposed, the blown-out highlights will always be white. For this reason, I utilize the tools of my camera to adjust for the perfect image settings. To optimize exposure, I utilize the histogram and zebra stripes. I shoot in RAW format with file sizes in the 20-30 MB range. My main camera is a Sony A7 IV which is one of the best on the market today. This has been my favorite camera so far, and the results have been fantastic.


In a second, I can take a photograph but processing a single image can take from minutes to hours. First and foremost is cleaning up the image. When imaging people, unless otherwise instructed, I will clean up blemishes and smooth the skin. Sadly, I have seen people abuse this process to make clients look like they were injected with Botox from head to toe, which is simply an unflattering, unnatural look. My images will look natural!

With landscapes (and sometimes with people), I will clean up the image to remove unwanted objects and artifacts. And frequently, especially with my Fine Art Photography, I will focus-stack the images to bring all portions of the composition into, well, focus.

Professional image taking & processing at Mansfield Photography has you covered.

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